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Experience Cannot Be Bought

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Experience cannot be bought.

Cliché? Maybe, but it still rings true.

It is quite understandable that organisations want to employ young(er) people with new ideas, lots of energy and the drive to want to change the world. Not only is this quite understandable, it actually makes a lot of sense. After all, old(er) people are often stuck in their ways and may find it difficult to accept change.

However, I suggest it would be a mistake for organisations to lose sight of all the experience and knowledge that more experienced employees possess and the contribution they could make towards the development of younger ones.

Let me use the area of tenders/RFPs for example. Apart from the fact that the professional look and feel (or not) of such a document will have a profound effect on how your prospective clients will perceive your offer, the evaluation portion of the process is a real minefield of legal and technical issues. And this is where experience could really make a difference.

Somebody who has been involved in this process, either on the vendor or the client’s side – or even better, both – could contribute hugely towards a successful procurement process, right up to contract and SLA negotiations.

If you are a client who is requesting a proposal or tender from a supplier, you should consider using people with experience to assist you with the writing of the request as well as the evaluation thereof.

On the other hand, if you are a service provider, an experienced person’s contribution towards your proposal or tender could be invaluable.

At the same time you could contract this person to train or mentor inexperienced employees so that your organisation could possibly handle the process unaided in future.

I rate myself as one of the “experienced” group. Try us. You will be pleasantly surprised with the value we could add.