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Winning is Easy!

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How often do you hear other people or yourself say, “I never win anything!”

Well, I can quite categorically state – as one of our former politicians was wont to say – that I have never uttered those words.

And the reason? I am a winner. Regularly. And the prizes are quite big sometimes.

A few weeks ago I read a magazine entitled UnwiredMag (it has since changed is name to DigitalMag, or something to that effect). One of the articles was about an external disk that was new on the market and which they “test drove”.

At the end of the article they invited the reader to send them an e-mail with your details if you would like to receive this drive. I made a note of the address and later that evening sent of the e-mail.

Two weeks ago, out of the blue, I received a phone call from a certain Mike to congratulate me. I was the lucky recipient of the disk drive. It was delivered earlier this week and I am really enjoying the additional disk capacity I now have, especially since I will be able to load hours of music and movies on it for my regular visits to Angola.

This has reminded me of how “lucky” I am. Over the years I have won stacks of prizes in competitions, ranging from money to CD players and other gadgets.

A few years ago I even won a car in the annual Coke competition. You have to understand one thing though: my family and I consume so much Coke that we have probably paid for the car over the years. On the other hand, if this is true then I expect Klipdrift to deliver my Lamborghini soon!

So what is my secret?

You will not believe how incredibly simple it is.

I enter every competition I see that will not cost me anything – except for postage every now and then – and does not force me to buy anything I would not have bought anyway.

This means I am forever on the lookout for freebies and giveaways and I do not wait for them to fall out of the sky, I actually do something to give me a chance to receive them.

I live by the well known cliché: If you’re not in it, you can’t win it.

Next time you hear that I have once again won something, don’t come crying to me that you have never won anything in your life!

Now you’ll have to excuse me. I have to go to the corner café to buy my Lotto ticket.

PS: Thanks ITWeb & Digitalmag. I really do LOVE my Buffalo Drive!