Sixty? Sixty!

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Sixty is just a number. So “they” say.

6-0. Eight more before I’ll be forced to turn around.

The amazing thing is I feel no different than I felt yesterday or even 3 653 days ago. (Ten years, three leap years – stop calculating!). I will admit that some joints seem to be nearing the end of their useful life and now need daily maintenance. On the positive side, though, all the important bits are still working. (Go on, ask her.)

Looking back is not something I often do, except to reflect on the good times and amazing memories scattered through the past six decades. The not-so-good ones I tend to ignore, although some memories will forever refuse to be erased.

Blessed with and surrounded by an amazing group of people – family, relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances – I have enjoyed the past thirty-nine years* tremendously. I have been privileged to share the roller coaster ride of life with so many people, many of whose names and faces I have probably forgotten by now. Nonetheless, it would not have been the same without any one of them.

Who knows what’s in stall for me for the next 60, or however long is left. I honestly cannot see myself changing my life or lifestyle soon. I am still enjoying working and hope to continue until I have had enough. My sporting activities have already been scaled down because of the previously mentioned joint problem, but could theoretically stay at this level for many decades to come.

So, on with life – it is there to be enjoyed! And the party better be damn good tonight, boys.


(*In case you wondered, I am celebrating the 39th anniversary of my 21st, the best birthday I probably ever had.)